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Our teams are proud of their craft. Passionate about people and energised by creating exceptional experiences, it takes all of us to bring the spirit of Soho House to every part of our work.

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Food & Beverage

"My favourite thing about working for Soho House is the team spirit. We are so lucky to attract such talented people, who work hard and are extremely passionate about what they do."

Chris Thompson — Regional Operations Director, Northern Europe

Our Food and Beverage teams are passionate about making memorable experiences. Whether that’s creating signature cocktails, sparking conversations with members or perfecting dishes in the kitchen — we always deliver quality.

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Close up image of a fried sweetcorn dish being plated in the pass of a kitchen. In the background, there are two female chefs in chef whites.


“Working at Soho House is about creating moments — it’s where kindness meets purpose. After a decade at Soho Beach House, our service always has heart. We create memorable stays for guests where every check-in tells a story.”

Ramon Campuzano — Front Office & Wellness Manager, Soho Beach House Miami

Our Hotel teams help make our Houses feel like a home away from home. Maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping and facilities management nurture the personality of each of our spaces.

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Image of a cleaner in the corridor of Kettner's hotel. She is carrying a pile of white towels and smiling. The background is an exposed brick wall, with a table of books and a plant.


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"Our team members are at the heart of everything we do. We're here to support, empower, and celebrate the diverse individuals who make Soho House a home for our members."

Michelle Lucas — Head of People

Our Support teams are the energy behind our Houses. From Finance to Legal to Tech to Creative, they build the foundations for our business. They make our experiences feel seamless across every platform, and keep us moving at pace.

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image shows overhead shot of team members reviewing designs and fabrics

Soho Home

"I love working for Soho Home because I’m allowed to be completely myself. Creatively, but also on a personal level, free to be my genuine self and have fun"

Kenny Whittle — Sales Assistant, Soho Home Duke of York Square

Soho Home is a modern interiors collection designed for relaxed, sociable living. Our Retail teams bring that signature experience to customers' homes. They’re the guardians of our bricks and mortar spaces.

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Mid shot of a man in the Soho Home retail space at Soho Farmhouse. The man is wearing a grey jumper and plaid trousers and is holding an iPad. Behind the smiling man is two mirrors over a red-tiled sink. To the left is an open rustic-styled bedroom.

Soho Works

"At Soho Works, there is an encouraging environment for creativity and collaboration. This place is welcoming, not only due to the physical space but also the warmth of the members and my team."

Paris Souffrant — Receptionist, Soho Works New York

Soho Works is a global network of workspaces designed to help creative thinkers and businesses come together and share ideas. They curate spaces where members can connect, and creative futures can flourish.

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Image of a sunlit man standing in an office. The man is wearing a long-sleeved black top and black trousers and has rays of sunlight running across his face. His head is looking down.

Cowshed, Spa & Gym

"Working at Soho House has unexpectedly become one of the greatest journeys of my life. I wasn't planning on staying with the company for that long but it has been the team, the members and local guests which built a community I quickly felt part of and made me stay."

Karl Schneegans — Assistant Cowshed Manager, Soho House Berlin

Our Cowshed, Gym & Spa teams are passionate about wellbeing. Whether our members want to help people pick up the pace, or wind down for the weekend, our teams create space for them to feel their best.

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Image of a spa host in front of a display of Cowshed products. She is holding a bottle of hand cream in one hand, describing it to others around her.