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We are a people business — we curate spaces for our members to come together and belong. A career at Soho House is for people who are passionate about what they do.

Image of a male chef in chef whites standing in the centre of the frame with his hands and legs crossed. In the background, there is the pizza oven and the kitchen equipment from Cecconi's pizza bar.
Image of two colleagues, one female and one male, are stood in front of a table at 180 Strand. There are fabric samples and design booklets in front of them on the table. They are looking at each other laughing.

We create quality moments for members of our global community. It takes passion and drive to deliver exceptional experiences.

Image of two female chefs looking at one another laughing in the Shoreditch House kitchen. There are two large brass lights hanging from the ceiling. In front of them, there are two plated dishes ready to be served.

“I’m proud of my career path. I started as a kitchen assistant and after that, I was behind the bar. It’s great to look back and see what hard work can do. I still feel my biggest achievement is yet to come.”

Cristina Taglio — Club Manager, Soho House Barcelona

Our benefits

It’s only right that the hospitality extended to our members is extended to our teams, too. We put people at the heart of everything we do, so we offer a competitive benefits package to welcome talent into our community.

Image of two reception hosts standing in a dark-lit reception at Greek Street. The person on the left is a man wearing a black tank top and black jeans, he is smiling and looking to the left. The woman is positioned on the right, she is wearing a black bandeau top with a pink over-the-shoulder cardigan. The woman is also smiling.

Soho House Membership — every House or Soho Friends depending on your role.

Image of a plated cooked breakfast that has been placed on the pass in the kitchen. A chef, wearing chef whites and an apron, is garnishing the poached eggs with greens.

50% off food & drink. 7 days a week.

Image of a blonde host wearing a stripey pink and red jumper sat in the Soho Farmhouse spa. There are two folded white towels in front of her and a shelving unit with Cowshed products in the background.

Up to 50% off Soho Home and Cowshed products.

Image of a Soho House bedroom. The image featured an orange patterned carpet, velour green armchairs, a patterned rustic headboard and a double bed with white sheets and a yellow throw.

Any bedroom. Any House. $100 a night.

Image of a blonde waitress carrying a bottle of wine and two wine glasses in a restaurant at Dean Street. The room is dimly lit with a shadow from the window cast in the background.

Celebrate! Take a complimentary day off for your birthday.

Image of a smiling man with a beard standing on a white staircase with a red brick wall at Dean Street reception. The man is wearing a white shirt with red braces and black trousers.

Quarterly financial incentive for our Operations teams based on House performance.

Image of a man wearing a black t-shirt making 4 pizza dishes on a dark stove counter. The image contains backlighting and is located in a kitchen with white tiles and green-painted walls at Cecconi’s.

Develop your passion for food & drink with Cookhouse and House Tonic programmes.

Focused image of a waitress in a blue jumper with a white shirt leaning against a bar countertop at 180 Strand. There is a man in the background wearing a blue jumper. Both people are staging in the 180 Strand top-floor bar.

Career development programmes that support you to grow your skills.

Close-up image of a smiling man wearing a white chef uniform holding a silver pan and serving spoon. The man is standing in a backlit kitchen at Dean Street Townhouse.

Our Operations teams have team meals whilst on shift, prepared by our chefs.

An image of three bar staff leaning against the top floor bar of 180 Strand. They are all wearing blue sweatshirts over white collared polos. On the bar there are five cocktails ready to be served.


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From Chicago to Canouan, and from Barcelona to Brooklyn, we curate communities all over the world.

Our teams

"Hospitality is a passion. When you're doing what you love, you'll turn your moments into memories. Our simplicity, kindness, and passion ignite the experience for the members."

Patrick Drummonds — Area Housekeeping Manager, Soho Beach House Miami

Our teams are passionate about people and energised by improving their experience. It takes all of us to bring the exceptional to life.

Our teams
Image of a woman on the phone, standing behind the reception desk at Soho Farmhouse. She is wearing a grey jacket and has an orange and blue silk scarf around her neck. In the background, there are two shelves filled with ornaments.